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    December 04, 2020

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    The Baltic region is strategic for delivery of oversized and heavy loads for Russia. A good part of European portion of Russia is leaning towards logistics through the regional port complexes while hosting main businesses of the basic industries, many of which tend to use imported equipment for production refurbishment. Besides, the majority of industrial cargoes for Siberia, Belarus and Central Asia countries also pass along the Baltic transport corridor.

    You are kindly invited to the Conference BREAKBULK BALTIC 2020 in Vilnius to meet the lead cargo owners/shippers, carriers, forwarding agents, ports and terminals which are interested in establishing stronger business relations in the Baltic Sea region.

    Why Vilnius?

    • First of all, this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
    • Secondly, Lithuania is important transport corridor across wich significant volumes of project cargo for the CIS countries are passing.
    • The city is the home for offices of the largest transport and logistics companies.

    Among the Conference topics:

    • Best practices of delivering oversize loads to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan through the regional ports;
    • Competition for cargoes between the Baltic, Finnish and Russian ports;
    • Ro-Ro and container services as an alternative to bulk carriers, the Baltic factor;
    • EU programs for sea transport, how are they helping the regional ports?

    The BREAKBULK BALTIC 2020 is going to become the first platform for exchanging experience in the field of project freight transportation in the Baltic Sea Region. The Forum will be split into two days with plenary sessions on the first day and familiarization tour of Vilnius followed by networking between the participants (for additional fee).